Product Office Hours: 10/11/18

Office Hours Recording: 
Product Updates:
  • Manual Testing Wizard is in development and expected to be released at the end of this month.
  • Access University:

    • WCAG 2.1: We are actively working on a new WCAG 2.1 course. We have a course outline and are gathering content docs to create the WCAG 2.1 course.
    • Customer instance of UNI: We are in the research phase of creating a customer SAAS instance of University. 
  • Access Advisor on Salesforce:
    • Tentative dates are:
      • training sessions for different groups set for the week of 10/15, dependent on a meeting with Terri Fellers today
      • target launch 10/19, depending on IT discussion and technical items
  • Documentation Revamp:
    • Anders and Megan are going through all support documentation to update old and outdated information as well as removing completely dated documents. By the end of the year, the support site should be better structured and more intuitive for both customers and employees.
    • Anders and Megan are also going through Access Advisor Whitepapers and DAMM articles. Megan to meet with Jon tomorrow to weed through the Whitepapers.
  • NEW! Onboarding page for new Acceleration and Audit customers:
    • Anders is working on a new onboarding page for Acceleration and Audit customers, and it's the draft stage right now. If you have any suggestions on what you think is important for customers to know before they get started with an audit, please share your ideas for Anders or Megan (and I'll pass them on).
NEW! Did You Know?! 
Acceleration Package: Did you know that our Acceleration Package is essentially a 6-month 'Getting Started' Package with an audit and a built-in support structure?
AMP Toolbox:  Did you know that the AMP Toolbox includes a number of download-able tools with some available to all customers and others available via separate licensing?
Access Alchemy: Did you know that when a user loads a page, Access Alchemy check for any elements that match a fingerprint in our database. If there is a match, the defined fix is loaded even without the page being tested before?
Access Analytics:  Did you know that the current risk score in Access Analytics is the Risk Score for the past week, where the past week is seven days before the most recent Sunday(most recent Sunday - 7)?
Continuum: Did you know that testing can be triggered post-commit, during smoke testing, or when other automated testing takes place?
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