Report Definitions: Problem Pages


The Problem Pages dashboard in Access Analytics helps organizations understand what pages on their site are particularly problematic, so the organization can focus more detailed testing efforts on these pages. This dashboard contains the reports listed below.

Report Definitions

  • Total Pages Monitored: The distinct number of pages on which the Analytics script was ever run – in other words, the total unique number of pages that have been tested by Access Analytics for all time.
  • Pages Visited in the Past Day: This report displays the total number of pages with at least one visit in the day prior to current one. It gives user a sense of daily site traffic.
  • Current Risk Score for Top 10 Most Visited Pages: The average risk score for the past week (i.e., the last week listed in the Risk Score Over Time report above this report) for each of the top 10 most visited pages in the domain.
  • Pages with Highest Risk Score: This report displays the top 10 pages with the highest risk score. For each page, the risk score and the average number of visits per week are displayed.
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