Standards and Media Types


The 'Standards' section of the 'Best Practices' tab allows users to search for standards in an intuitive, simple way.  The search bar will match the inputted text to each standard and display a list with the most relevant standards at the top.  The search functionality will even show the appropriate subsection of the standard that contains the search query.

If a user would rather browse through the standards, just below the search bar is a list of all of the standards that are part of their organization.  Users can expand and collapse these standards to see the substandards.  The table columns are 'Standard', 'Best Practices', and 'Score'. 

Media Types

In AMP different technologies are broken down into technology platforms and media types. Media Types have to do with general development platforms such as Web, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash and Java Software. The 'Media Types' section is searchable for easy access to the content that a user is looking for. Searched terms will automatically be expanded and highlighted when found. The Media Types tab contains all of the media types for the technology platforms that are mapped to a user's current organization.

Media Type Detail View

If a user selects a best practice, they will be brought to the informational page for that best practice. The Description of the Media Type includes a basic introduction to the Media Type.

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