Adding CVAA to Checklist

Adding CVAA to a Finalized Checklist

To add CVAA to an already finalized checklist, please contact a Lenovo administrator to unfinalize the checklist, so the CVAA can be added

Adding CVAA to a Checklist

  1. Navigate to the Checklist you would like to add CVAA requirements to.
  2. On the Checklist overview page, select the "Edit" link.
  3. Select the "Add CVAA to Checklist" link in the "Edit" drop down. 
  4. The Add CVAA to Checklist modal will open. 
  5. Select the proper checklist type from the drop down menu.
  6. Select the "Make it happen" button to add CVAA requirements to the checklist
  7. After selecting the "Make it happen" button you will be returned to the checklist overview screen, any standards checklists tabs attached to this checklist will be hidden and only the "Overview" and the new "Functionality Questionnaire" tabs will be visible.
    • The previously completed standards checklists will be visible when the functionality questionnaire and design checklists are completed. The standards checklists will retain their original content.

Functionality Questionnaire

  1. The Functionality Questionnaire, part of the new Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) requirements, is now a mandatory part of creating a Checklist.
    • Closing out of the Functionality Questionnaire will bring you to the Checklists Home - [Name given to Checklist] screen with the only available tabs being the Overview and Functionality Questionnaire tabs. The remaining tabs will appear once the Functionality Questionnaire is completed
  2. The Functionality Questionnaire contains yes or no questions to determine if any functionality of the product or service falls under the scope of the CVAA.
  3. Fill out the questionnaire answering each question according to the item that is being testing.
  4. When complete, activate the Make it Happen button.

Design Checklist

Like the Functionality Questionnaire the Design Checklist is a mandatory step in creating a checklist (Except 3rd Party Hardware Checklists). The remaining standard tabs will not appear until the Design Checklist is completed.

The Design Checklist tab is comprised of a four column table

  • Best Practice These are the best practices that need to be reviewed during the design phase of a product
  • Answer The answer given during the Design Checklist testing
    • Native Implementation - The best practice will be addressed directly in the Lenovo product.
    • Accessible API - Accessibility is met by leveraging accessibility features of the operating system/API.
    • Non-Achievable - Conformance with the best practice is “not achievable” as defined by the CVAA.
      • This will require secondary documentation surrounding the determination of non-achievability.
    • Not Applicable - The best practice is not applicable in the context of the product.
  • CommentAny comments made during the Design Checklist testing
  • Actions Provides the test/edit icon for each best practice

Adding CVAA to Checklist (Cont.)

Once both the "Functionality Questionnaire" and the "Design Checklist" are complete original checklist tabs will reappear with all the checklist answer data still intact. Any answers from 508 that map to CVAA will automatically be populated on the CVAA tabs. You have now added CVAA to the checklist. At this point the remaining CVAA testing will need to be completed before the checklist can be re-finalized.

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