Perform Manual Testing on an Existing AMP Report via Load Module

This process allows a user to access a module/page from an AMP Report to continue or complete the manual testing process.

  1. Open Firebug (F12)
  2. Navigate to the AMP Tab
  3. Log into the Toolbar if not already logged in
  4. Select the Load Module button
  5. Choose the desired AMP report from the Report combo box
  6. Choose the desired module/page from the Module combo box
  7. Select the Load Module button

Following these steps will result in the chosen module to be loaded within the browser. The test results tree will also be updated to reflect any previously recorded test results.

At this time, users can perform any remaining testing following the Manual Testing steps.

Leveraging the Preview Modes

The AMP Toolbar for Firefox offers a wide variety of preview modes which will assist users during the manual testing process. Manual testing often required users to perform specific evaluations of the web content within a web browser. The preview modes offered by the toolbar will greatly assist users during many manual evaluations of web content. The preview modes offered by the AMP Toolbar for Firefox include:

  • Toggle CSS (Ctrl+Alt+1): Remove the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) for the current page
  • Contrast Checker (Ctrl+Alt+7): Launches the Color Picker Dialog to allow users to select or input the foreground and background color for contrast analysis
  • Images (Ctrl+Alt+8): Outlines all images on the page and provides the alternative attribute content (if present)
  • Links (Ctrl+Alt+9): Outlines all links that are present within the page content
  • Skip Links (Ctl+Alt+A): Exposes any links that are intended to allow users to skip over repetitive navigation links, and navigate directly to the main content of a page
  • Lists (Ctrl+Alt+B): Outlines all list elements and list item elements within the page content
  • Frames (Ctrl+Alt+C): Outlines any frame or iframe elements within the page content
  • Forms (Ctrl+Alt+D): Outlines any forms and form elements present within the page content
  • Headings (Ctrl+Alt+2): Outlines any heading elements within the current page content
  • Remove Background Images (Ctrl+Alt+E): Removes any background images that are present within the page content
  • Show Table Structure (Ctrl+Alt+F): Outlines any table elements, and child elements, that are present within page content.
  • Show Title Attributes (Ctrl+Alt+G): Displays any and all title attributes that are present within the page content
  • Show Lang Attributes (Ctrl+Alt+H): Shows the HTML language attribute if present within the page content

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