Record an AMP Test with the AMP Toolbar for Firefox

NOTE: The AMP Toolbar for Firefox has been deprecated and is no longer supported by Level Access.

This functionality provides users with the ability to record an authenticated spider AMP Test using the AMP Toolbar for Firefox. This process allows users to render the desired web site or application in Firefox to supply the required username and password and pass through an authentication form. From there, the AMP Toolbar for Firefox allows users to create a new AMP Test directly from the toolbar. The newly created AMP Test will be saved under the desired AMP Project for future use. Users are then able to run the test to spider the protected content of the website or application. As with all AMP Tests, each time the test is run, a new AMP report will be generated with the testing results.

In order to record a test users will perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the page/screen that you would like to test within Firefox
  2. Open Firebug (F12)
  3. Navigate to the AMP Tab
  4. Log into the Toolbar if not already logged in
  5. Select the Record Test button (Red Dot) to start recording
  6. Perform the desired actions within the browser (e.g., fill out an authentication form)
    1. Select the Pause button to suspend the recording process
    2. Select the Cancel button to erase all recorded steps and restart the recording process 
  7. Select the (Red Dot) Record button to end the recording
  8. Complete the "Record Test" form
  9. Select the Save button

Once the AMP Test has been saved, users can select the provided link (in blue, seen above) within the AMP Toolbar for Firefox to view the Test within the AMP interface. From there, users are able to run the test to generate the desired report.

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