Logging into the AMP Toolbar For Firefox

NOTE: The AMP Toolbar for Firefox has been deprecated and is no longer supported by Level Access.

Users log into the AMP Toolbar for Firefox based on their current active session within AMP. This allows the testing results populated within the AMP Toolbar for Firefox to be sent in real time to the designated AMP Report.

If you currently do not have an AMP account, you can register for a free trial of AMP.

Authentication is completed by performing the following:

  1. Log into AMP by going to (or your custom instance name such as, entering your username and password and activating the Make it Happen button
  2. Open the AMP Toolbar for Firefox (Firefox Tools menu > Web Developer > Firebug > Open Firebug)
  3. Navigate to the "Manage Connections" view by opening the AMP Tab menu and choosing "Manage Connections"
  4. Enter Host Name ( isdefault)
    • Note: If you are working on a custom instance of AMP you will not use In this case you would use [your company] For example
  5. Select the "Add Connection" hyperlink
  6. Select the "Set Active Connection" hyperlink
  7. This will now authenticate the AMP Toolbar for Firefox to the AMP Server

Note: If you are unable to log into the AMP Toolbar for Firefox after completing the steps above, please ensure that you have configured Firefox to accept third party cookies. This can be accomplished by the following steps:

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Navigate to the Tools menu and select Options
  3. Activate the Privacy tab
  4. Under the History section choose "Use custom settings for history"
  5. Ensure that "Accept third-party cookies" is checked
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