What is the AMP Toolbar for Firefox

NOTE: The AMP Toolbar for Firefox has been deprecated and is no longer supported by Level Access.

The AMP Toolbar for Firefox is an extension of Firebug exclusively offered by SSB BART Group. The AMP Toolbar for Firefox allows users to test content directly within Firefox. The toolbar has a direct integration with AMP, allowing users to utilize the Firefox toolbar to conduct browser-based testing that leverages AMP’s best practice content. The best practice content provides guidance and instruction on what users must do in order to complete the necessary testing tasks. Testing results are easily captured and testing results are updated within AMP to reflect report changes in real time. AMP Toolbar for Firefox includes the following highlighted functionality:

  • Spider Authenticated Sites/Applications - Users can now leverage the ability to create a new AMP Test directly within the AMP Toolbar for Firefox. This allows users to simply record their login credentials and steps to complete the authentication form through direct interaction with the website or web application within Firefox. Once the recording process is completed, users simply save their work as a new AMP Test.
  • Test Results in the Browser – Automated test results are provided instantly to the user directly within the browser. The AMP Toolbar for Firefox also presents users with the Manual Testing Tree for guidance on completing the manual testing process. Users can take advantage of AMP’s Best Practice Library for step by step testing guidance. The results based on testing are also simultaneously uploaded to the user specified report within AMP. This allows the test results to be centrally stored in a collaborative environment.
  • Manual Testing Preview Modes - Multiple preview modes are provided which allow the user to readily scan potential manual testing issues within pages. These preview modes assist the user in clearly identifying accessibility concerns with items such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), header elements, color contrast, reading order and many more.
  • Test Anything – Users can access existing reports within AMP from the toolbar, and opt to complete manual testing in the AMP Toolbar for Firefox. This allows tests to be set up in AMP, but completed in whatever environment the tester is most comfortable with. This ensures the accuracy of results while allowing integrated support for AMP’s powerful reporting features.
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