Use Cases Section

The “Use Cases” section of an AMP Report is a table that lists all the use cases attached to the report as rows. This table is comprised of the following columns:

  • Name - Name given to the Use case.
  • Goal - This is the purpose of the use case.
  • Operator - User assigned to complete use case testing.
  • Assistive Technology Type - displays which assistive technology (JAWS, ZoomText, etc) was used to perform the use test.
  • Tester - Name of user who is assigned or performed the testing.
  • Rating - Provides a 1-5 rating to determine the level of accessibility based on actual use testing.
  • Description - Description documenting the success or failure of the use case
  • Actions - Icon based links to perform, edit, delete or clear a use case.
Use Case Edit Icon

Accessing the Use Cases section of an AMP Report prompts the “Use Case Actions” icon to appear with the other Action Icons.

  • Add Use Case - Opens the Add Use Case Modal
Use Case Drop Down
  • My Use Cases - Displays all use cases assigned to you
  • Show All Use Cases - Prompts the View All Use Cases modal to open, displaying a more detailed look at each use case.
  • Use Case Results - Prompts the View All Use Cases Result modal to open, displaying a the same detailed look as the View All Use Cases modal, but also contains a section documenting all the results of all the use cases separately.
  • Use Cases Excel Report' - Downloads the use case table as an excel file
  • Appendix D - Use Case Results' - Downloads a use case results table as an excel file
  • Show All Use Cases PDF - Prompts you to download the detailed use case results in a PDF document


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