Compliance Section

  • The “Compliance” section of an AMP Report provides a detailed look at compliance results broken down by the various individual standards.
  • Navigating to the “Compliance” section of the website will result in additional navigation options in the “Report Contents”modal of the navigation pane.
    • These additional navigation options are in the form of individual links to each standard that is active in your instance of AMP as well as links to Best Practices that will bring you to the Best Practices section.
  • The compliance section of an AMP report also includes a new set of options titled "Compliance Actions" which provides a link to download the compliance tables as a spreadsheet.

Compliance Health by Ruleset.

  • The “Compliance Health by Ruleset” widget is comprised entirely of a horizontal bar graph
  • The Y-axis lists the selected individual ruleset.
  • The X-axis is a scale for compliance health ranging from 0% to 100%
  • Compliance Health is determined from the combined average compliance rate of each individual standard requirement.

Detailed Compliance Results

The Detailed Compliance Results table displays detailed compliance for an individual standard selected via the additional navigation options on the left side of the compliance section.

    • Name - Gives the name of each individual standard requirement (Also known as a paragraph or success criteria)
    • Modules - This column shows the number of compliant modules over the total number of modules.
    • Total points - The Total Points column converts the compliance rate for each individual standard requirement to a point value. Each individual total point value is then combined for an overall point value for the report.
    • Compliance Rate - Compliance rate is calculated by taking the number of modules that do not contain any accessibility violations for the associated individual standard requirement divided by the total number of modules within the report.
Compliance Section Drop Down

The Compliance Views Action Icon provides links to select standards for the Detailed Compliance Results Table as well as options to export the compliance tables as Excel spreadsheets

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