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  1. Q: How do I register for and log into AMP?

    A: Users can register online using our AMP Registration Form. Once registered with AMP, users can login online using the AMP Login Form.

  2. Q: How do I familiarize myself with the terminology used in AMP?

    A: Definitions and explanations of AMP's terminology and an icon directory can be found on the AMP Key Concepts page.

  3. Q: How do I conduct accessibility testing with AMP?

    A: An introduction to testing content with AMP can be found on the Testing Content page.

  4. Q: How do I contact a real person to guide me through a problem or answer my questions?

    A: AMP product support technicians can be reached at

  5. Q: How do I find out what failures occurred during testing?

    A: Frequently, AMP users go to the Violations menu and just select the first option on the drop-down, Violations by Priority. However, this screen only lists the best practices that were violated, not the description of the actual problem. Instead of selecting Violations by Priority, users should select the Violation Instances option in the drop-down, which is the fourth option in the list.

    Users can also navigate to the Module Details to get the results of individual tests and failures.

  6. Q: Why do the compliance graphics on the Overview page of my report show less than 100% compliance, even though when I go to the Modules page, I don't see any violations?

    A: The compliance graphics on the Overview page reflect the compliance of your overall organization, not of an individual report. Therefore, you might have a project that is fully compliant, but if there are other projects in AMP that are not fully compliant, the compliance graphics in the Overview will not show 100% compliance.

  7. Q: I have a video in my app, but I don't see it being tested in AMP for Mobile. What's going on?

    A: In order for videos to be tested by the AMP Mobile Checker, the video needs to be playing. When you navigate to the screen that contains the video, press the Play button to see it show up in AMP.

  8. Q: When testing in both AMP for iOS and AMP for Android, my tests sometimes freeze when I change focus quickly back and forth between links or buttons. How can I resolve this problem?

    A: Unfortunately, although the AMP for Mobile development team is aware of this problem, the best solution that we have right now is to advise you to give the app a moment between selecting different links or buttons to prevent this from happening.


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