AMP for iOS Application Deployment Preparation

Developers must remove the iOS testing bundle from their app before deployment. This will mitigate privacy or security risks, and will ensure that deployed apps do not send modules to AMP.

To remove the iOS testing bundle from the app prior to deployment, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the iOS Accessibility Test Enabler Bundle files.
    1. Delete .bundle file from projectUser
    2. Delete .a file from project

  2. (Optional) If not required for your app, remove the libraries that were installed for accessibility testing from the Link Binary With Libraries section of the Build Phases tab of your XCode project:
    1. OpenGLES.framework
    2. UIKit.framework
    3. Foundation.framework
    4. CoreGraphics.framework
    5. AVFoundation.framework
    6. MediaPlayer.framework
    7. QuartzCore.framework
    8. MapKit.framework
    9. AVKit.framework

  3. (Optional) If not required by your app, select the Build Settings tab and delete the -all_load from the Other Linker Flags setting.
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