Error Message: 'RDOMBuilder: Root cannot be set -'

If you are attempting to upload a module manually into a report and the local HTML file that you are trying to upload is rejected, then you are returned the following error message: 'Error: An error occurred while trying to create a module, please try again or contact AMP support : RDOMBuilder: Root cannot be set -', as seen here:


this may mean that your character encoding is not supported by AMP. UTF-8 and UTF-16 are AMP's preferred character encoding types.  UCS-2 variations are not supported by that function of AMP. In Notepad++,you can change the encoding style by following these two steps:

1. Select 'Encoding' from the top-menu.

2. Select 'UTF-8', or the encoding style you'd like to choose.

3. Save the file.

If you need to maintain a UCS-2 encoding and still test the page, the best option would be to use the AMP Toolbar for Firefox or the AMP Toolbar for Internet Explorer to test each page and have the module sent to the report of your choice in AMP. More information on the AMP Toolbar for Firefox and the AMP Toolbar for Internet Explorer can be found here:

AMP Toolbar for Firefox:

AMP Toolbar for Internet Explorer:

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