Test a Page with the AMP Toolbar for Firefox

NOTE: The AMP Toolbar for Firefox has been deprecated and is no longer supported by Level Access.

  1. Navigate to the page/screen that you would like to test within Firefox
  2. Open Firebug (F12)
  3. Navigate to the AMP Tab
  4. Log into the Toolbar if not already logged in
  5. Select Test Page Link
  6. Populate the Module information
    1. Module Name- This is the name that will be provided to the module (unit of content tested) within the AMP Report. Note: Module name can be made unique by the user by typing in desired text.
    2. Module Location- This will be the URL for the page being tested. Note, module location can be made unique (e.g., for instances where the URL does not change based on content changes) by adding a "#" at the end of the URL along with desired text (e.g.,
    3. Report Name- This identifies the report which will be updated with the module and test results
  7. Select the Submit button


At this point, the automated testing has been completed. The interface will be updated to display the Testing Tree. Issues already identified will be found in the Flagged folders, which are visually indicated with a red X.



You, additionally, can use the 'Inspect in AMP Panel' Feature to capture violations for just a portion of a page.  You can use this feature by following the following steps:


1. Once on the page you would like to capture a portion of, open Firebug (f12).  

2. Navigate to the 'html' tab.

3. Once you have navigated there, find the portion of your HTML code that you would like to capture results for, open the context-menu and choose 'Inspect in AMP Panel'. 

4. You can then proceed with the same process for the 'test page' functionality, the final steps being to populate the required form fields and choose 'submit'. 

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