Download and Install the AMP Toolbar for Firefox

NOTE: The AMP Toolbar for Firefox has been deprecated and is no longer supported by Level Access.


In order to download and install the AMP Toolbar for Firefox, you will need the latest version of Firefox and Firebug. Please download or update Firefox and Firebug via the URLs provided below:


Download Firefox - Minimum Version 11

Download Firebug - Minimum Version 1.8

Installing the Toolbar

  1. Install or Update to the latest version of Firefox
  2. Install the latest version of Firebug (an extension for Firefox)
  3. Restart Firefox once Firebug is installed
  4. Log into your AMP instance using Firefox
  5. Navigate to the Toolbox tab
  6. Choose the Install button next to the AMP Toolbar for Firefox
  7. Restart Firefox once the AMP Add-on to Firebug is installed
  8. Enable Accessibility Enhancements in Firebug by performing the following:
    1. Open the "Tools" menu in Firefox
    2. Open the "Web Developer" sub-menu
    3. Open the "Firebug" sub-menu
    4. Open the "Options" sub-menu
    5. Select "Enable Accessibility Enhancements"

How to Keep the AMP Toolbar for Firefox open on every page

  1. Open the AMP Toolbar for Firefox
  2. Access the AMP Tab menu
  3. Select "Stay Open For All Pages"

Logging Into the AMP Toolbar for Firefox

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