AMP Report Action Icons

AMP Reports now contain Action Icons on the upper right side of the screen. These icons provide actions to a number of different options and report modifiers including Report Permissions which is available from any section of an AMP Report. The following Action Icons are universal while the section dependent modifiers, and will be covered in their relative report sections below

Report Permissions

The Report Permissions Action Icon is an Action Icon, meaning it appears on every section of an AMP Report. This icon opens the Edit Report Permissions Modal allowing you to modify the user permissions on the report. AMP controls user access to AMP Reports through a user permissions system. This system is comprised of three possible permission levels:

  • No Access - Users given this permission will have no access to the report, if this is applied at a project level the user will not have access to either the project or the reports the project is comprised of.
  • Viewer - Users given “Viewer” permissions are allowed to look at the report but are unable to make any changes to the report/
  • Editor - Users given “Editor” permissions have complete access to the report and can view as well as make any changes they would like to the report.

Learn More about AMP Permissions

Selecting the Edit link in the title bar of Report Permissions launches the Edit Report Permissions module. This module allows users to add, edit, and remove Report permission.

  • Report Owner - Allows you to designate any organization member as the report owner
  • Other Report Permissions:
    • User Name - Any users with permissions to the report will appear here with a drop down menu to the right of their name, this drop down allows you to choose which of the three possible permission levels to give the specified user
    • Add People From Current Organization - Activating this list results in all of the current organization users appearing with the aforementioned dropdown to the right of their names
    • Add Someone By Email - This form field allows you batch add multiple users. You can even add non-AMP users, however they can only receive “Viewer” permissions

Editing Report Permissions is also how you can distribute an AMP Report. This distribution is done by giving “Viewer” or “Editor” permissions to additional individuals through the “Edit Report Permissions” Module. By using the “Add Someone By Email (Comma separated list)” form field you can distribute the report to multiple people at once, You can even distribute the report to non-AMP users.

  • Non AMP users who are given access to a report will be able to view the specific report and nothing else, they will not be able to make changes to the report, and cannot be given Editor permissions


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