Report Violations Section

The Violations section of an AMP Report provides a list of all of the best practices that have been violated across the entire report. The Violations Action Icon provides a means to view the list of violations in several different formats through the violations drop down.

Violations Drop Down

  • Violations Summary - A simple table that gives the best practice in violation, which links to the relevant best practice page in the 'Best Practices' section, the technology platform of the best practice, which links to the relevant technology platform in the 'Best Practices' section, and the occurrence rate for the best practice violation both as a percentage of and number of modules the violation occurs on
  • Violations Detail - This format displays the full best practice content for every violation all on one page
  • Violations by Priority - Provides a table that ranks the best practice violations by weighing the SNT ratings for each violation as well as the violation frequency and creating a priority variable based on those metrics. Like the “Violation Summary” it contains columns for Best Practice and Technology platform.
  • Violations by Standard - Provides a table that documents the accessibility violation, the technology platform, and which accessibility standards are compromised by the violation
  • Violations Instances - Provides a table that lists in detail every single violation instance in the report.
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