Modules Section

The “Modules” section of an AMP Report is comprised of a single table containing every individual module in the report. This is the location where specific violations can be reviewed on a per module basis. Each instance of a violation will be mapped to a Best Practice which provide inline actionable guidance on the violation

The "Modules" section of an AMP report is largely comprised of one nine column table, these columns are:

  • Check Box Selection Column - This column lets you select one or more modules at a time.
  • Name The name of the individual module, which is also a link to the “View Module” page which provides additional details about the module.
  • Location - Displays the actual location of the module, for a webpage the location would be the URL for the specific webpage.
  • Thumbnail - This contains any thumbnails that were captured or uploaded for the module.
  • Path - This contains manual navigation steps that a tester may follow to the module

  • Violation Count - Displays the Number of violations found in the module
  • Browser - This contains the browser that was emulated when the scan occurred.
  • Tester - Displays the name of the user assigned to perform module testing, defaults to the report owner.
  • Manual Testing - Provides a link to the "Manual Testing Tree". (for more information on the "Manual Testing Tree" as well as performing manual testing please visit | Perform Manual Testing with AMP
  • Actions - Contains links for editing or deleting a module
Edit Module Actions Icon:

  • Add Module - Launches the “Add Module” modal, which allows you to add new modules to the report
  • Add Module(s) - Launches the “Add Module(s)” modal, which allows you to add multiple modules to the report at once
  • Scrub Violations - Launches the scrub violations modal, which allows you to search for and delete a set of violation occurrences from a report.
Module Views Drop Down

The Module Views navigation header provides links to the following actions.

  • Module Details - loads the detailed view from the “View Module” page but for every module in the report on one page.
  • Module Testing Status - Launches the “Module Testing Status” modal which displays any modules you have been assigned to test and the status of said tests.
  • Modules Details Excel Report - Link to download the Module Details tables as an Excel spreadsheet
  • Generate Module List - Link to download the list of Modules as a PDF document
  • Appendix A - Modules by Total Violation - Link to download the Modules table sorted by number of violations as a PDF document
  • Appendix B - Modules Detail - Link to download the Module Details tables as a PDF document
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