Document Inventory

The document inventory report depicts all non-web file types that were detected during the automated spidering/scanning of a website or application. The document inventory section of an AMP Report contains sortable summative information about the documents found on the site. This information includes:

  • Document - The file location of the document
  • PDF Module (PDF Only) -
  • Linking Page - The name of the module (page) that linked to the given document
  • # Linked Pages - The number of pages that link to the given document
  • Technology Platform - The Technology Platform of the given document
  • Tested(PDF Only) - Tells you whether or not the page had undergone automated testing
  • Tagged(PDF Only) - Tells whether or not the PDF is tagged.
  • Violations(PDF Only) - Number of accessibility violations found in the document
  • Actions (PDF Only) - Action Icon to initiate automatic testing


The document inventory table has a built in filter that allows users to filter specific document technology platforms. This allows users to see one specific document technology platform at a time. This feature is available at the top right of the table with a drop down menu labelled Technology Platform. From the drop down menu select the desired technology platform you would like to filter and then select the filter button, symbolized with the funnel iconography. This will result in the table only displaying the desired technology platform.

Document Inventory Drop Down

The drop down menu for the document inventory section of an AMP report contains a link that allows you to export the table as an Excel spreadsheet

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