AMP Bookmarks

AMP Bookmarks

AMP is also pleased to introduce its Bookmarks feature, which allows users to mark reports, projects, technology platforms and other AMP components as bookmarks. This functionality is similar to bookmarking web pages in a web browser. For example, when a user is viewing a list of all of the projects that they have access to, they will be able to choose to only show bookmarked projects, instantly tailoring the entire list of projects to be limited to those that are marked as bookmarks. This will add to the increase in efficiency, ease of use, and productivity already contributed by the new UI.

Bookmarking and un-bookmarking desired items is extremely easy. To do this, users simply activate the bookmark star button on the desired item. When a bookmark is activated, the star button will be filled yellow, and its alternative text will be appropriately updated to indicate its state.

Project Bookmark Example

Report Bookmark Example

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