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Personal Dashboard Overview

The Personal Dashboard is a completely customizable area within AMP that allows users to add, remove, and edit widgets. A Dashboard widget is a simple component that provides handy functionality, or access to information. Dashboard widgets are designed to be easy to learn to use and manage. The overall goal of the customizable Personal Dashboard is to provide users with a very personal arrangement of commonly accessed and pertinent information that will enhance the user's experience. Additionally, a number of the Personal Dashboard widgets are geared towards executive level reporting and stat analytics. The Compliance of Active Reports widget and the Top Active Issues widget are examples of the "big picture" information as it pertains to an organization's accessibility initiative.


Default Widgets

AMP Search

Finding reports and projects in AMP has not been as easy as it should be. Our users have given us feedback that the Recent Organizations widget and the site search are not so useful as navigational elements. We agree, and we’d like to introduce Version 1 of the AMP Search Widget. The AMP Search Widget allows users to search for reports, projects and organizations and to perform some quick actions without drilling in to other pages in the application. Over the next several releases we will be improving this widget to make it more usable. Planned enhancements include filters, such as Recent Reports, Bookmarked Reports, Creation Date and other options. Additionally, users will eventually be able to customize their view of the widget, specifically the data that is displayed in it.

With this release, all new users to the system will have this widget on their dashboards instead of the Recent Organizations widget. Existing users can choose to add this widget to their dashboards when they are ready. Once the new widget is sufficiently meeting all of our users’ needs, we will deprecate the Recent Organizations widget as well as the site search that appears in the header on every page in AMP. We would love to hear your feedback on this widget as we work on subsequent versions, so please contact us at to let us know what we can do to improve this widget for you.

Top Active Issues

The Top Active Issues widget provides a list of highest priority violations that have been detected across multiple reports.

Recent Projects

The Recent Projects widget provides a list of the most recently created, viewed or edited projects.

Recent Reports

The Recent Reports widget provides a list of the most recently created, viewed, or edited reports.

Recent Organizations

The Recent Organizations widget provides a list of the most recently viewed organizations.

Available Widgets

AMP Widgets

Add, Edit and Remove Widgets

Adding a Widget

To add a widget to the Personal Dashboard, simply select the Add Widget configuration cog icon located on the upper right side of the dashboard. This will open the Add Widget dialog box, presenting the list of available widgets. Choose a widget, and select the Make It Happen button.

Edit a Widget

On applicable widgets, choose the widget level configuration cog icon. This will display the edit options for the widget. Editing an individual widget will allow users to control configurations such as the widget title, links, desired reports for data analysis, time intervals, number of items to display, etc.

Removing a Widget

To remove a widget from the dashboard, simply choose the delete button for the chosen widget. This will remove the widget from the dashboard and also delete any customization or configuration to that widget. Widgets can then be re-added to the dashboard by following the adding a widget instructions above.

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