Automated PDF Testing Through The Document Inventory


PDFs captured during an AMP spider test are made available for automated testing. This means that PDFs available for automated testing will appear in the Document Inventory section of an AMP Report. To access the Document Inventory navigate into the desired AMP Report and select the Document Inventory link in the Report Information widget.

NOTE: Adobe Acrobat PDF must be enabled in the Organization Testing Control in order for the automated testing to be performed. 

Document Inventory Link on Report Dashboard

This will bring you to the Document Inventory section as shown below.

Document Inventory Screen


Testing PDF Document

In order to test a PDF Document:

  1. Select the Run Test button for the desired PDF Document in the Actions columnwithin the Document Inventory.
  2. Selecting the Run Test icon will initiate the automated PDF testing on that document.

Testing Multiple PDF Documents

Like testing a PDF document testing multiple or all the PDF documents at once is made simple with AMP. To test multiple PDF documents at once in AMP you must first select all the desired PDFs that you would like to test. Using the checkboxes on the first column to select the PDF's you would like to test or select the checkbox in the table header to select all the documents. Once the desired documents are selected activate the link labelled "Test PDF Documents" This will test the selected PDF Documents.


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