AMP Test View

Once you create a test in AMP, or select a test you had previously created you will be brought into the test view of the Project Dashboard. The test view is comprised of a left hand panel, three widgets and two action icons.

Left Hand Panel

The left hand panel is built on two sections, a "Test Actions" section and a "Test Basics" section. The "Test Actions" section contains links to quickly perform specific actions. these actions include:

Run Test - Manual command to make AMP run the test

Edit Test - Allows you to make changes to the test configuration

Delete Test - allows you to delete the test

Associate Manual Report - allows you to manually associate the manual testing results from a report with the next report generated from this test.


The "Test Basics" section contains information about the configuration of the test, including details like test type, test technology platform, etc.




Report Comparative Overall Compliance - This widget compares the overall compliance scores of each report generated from this test.

Top Issues - Gives you the top issues, based on AMP's prioritization model, that have been found in reports generated by this test.

Test Reports - Is a table containing all the reports generated from this test, as well as some basic information about each report.


Action Icons

Edit Project -

  • Edit Project - Allows you to change the name of the project.
  • Edit Project Test Notifications - Allows you to control which users will receive notifications when the test is complete (only applicable to scheduled tests)

Project Permissions - Opens the project permissions modal, AMP controls user access to in AMP through a user permissions system. This system is comprised of three possible permission levels:

  • No Access - Users given this permission will have no access to the report, if this is applied at a project level the user will not have access to either the project or the reports the project is comprised of.
  • Viewer - Users given “Viewer” permissions are allowed to look at the report but are unable to make any changes to the report/
  • Editor - Users given “Editor” permissions have complete access to the report and can view as well as make any changes they would like to the report.
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