Report Definitions: Violations


The Violations dashboard in Access Analytics is allows organizations to dig in to their compliance metrics and discover the areas where their violations are localized, such as specific types of issues or in specific areas of the web application.

Report Definitions

  • Current Violation Count: This report is identical to the report of the same name on the Compliance tab, and is calculated by taking the average total number of violations per visit per page and summing this number across all pages that were visited in the past day
  • Violations Over Time: This takes the Current Violation Count and displays it for each date listed in the selected time period (calculated weekly).
  • Violations by Page Traffic: This is the violation count, as calculated above, for each of the top 10 most visited pages in the past week (time period displayed in graph header).
  • Pages with Most Violations: This report lists the top 20 pages ranked by average total violation count per page visit in the past week, where "week" is calculated as t-7.    
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