Report Definitions: Compliance


The Compliance dashboard in Access Analytics is meant to help organizations understand their current level of risk and where that risk may be localized for each of their monitored domains.

Report Definitions

  • Current Risk Score: This is the Risk Score (see Risk Score Calculation for details) for the past week (where past week = the most recent Sunday – 7 ). All violations found in the past week are used in this calculation.
  • Total Pages Monitored: The distinct number of pages on which the Analytics script was ever run – in other words, the total unique number of pages that have been tested by Access Analytics for all time.
  • Current Violation Count: This is calculated by taking the average total number of violations per visit per page and summing this number across all pages that were visited in the past day.
    • The change in the count from past month is calculated by comparing the current violation count, as calculated above, to the same count from t-30 days ago.
  • Risk Score Over Time: The risk score on each date listed in the graph. This report should show how risk is trending, and it allows organizations to correlate accessibility effort in certain time ranges with changes in the risk score. For example, did the risk score increase, decrease or stay the same after a recent release?
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