Report Definitions: Remediation


The Remediation dashboard in Access Analytics provides organizations with guidance as to where to focus their remediation efforts.

Report Definitions

  • Current Risk Score: See the Risk Score Calculation article for details.
  • Current Violation Count: This report is identical to the report of the same name on the Compliance tab, and is calculated by taking the average total number of violations per visit per page and summing this number across all pages that were visited in the past day
  • Current Violations by Media Types: This displays the total violation count per media type, where the total violation count is all violation instances found in every visit in the past week (week = t-7). Note: This is soon being changed to instead use the same calculation we are using to get the total violations on all of the other reports -- essentially the sum of the daily average violations by URL per media type.
  • Average Violation Count by Page Traffic Quadrant: Quadrants in this report are calculated by ranking all pages by traffic and dividing them into quadrants – 0-25th percentile, 26-50th percentile, 51st -75th percentile, and 76th-100th For each of these quadrants the total violation count for the past quarter is displayed, where total violation count is the sum of the average total violations per page visit.
  • Violations by Highest Traffic Pages: This is identical to the “Violations by Page Traffic” report on the Violations dashboard, but it displays the Risk Score per page, in addition to the total number of page visits and the violation count.
  • Best Practice Violations by Priority: This displays the following metrics for each Best Practice for the past week.
    • Priority: This is the AMP Priority score per Best Practice for all tested pages. See knowledge base article on AMP Support site for more details.  
    • Pages with Violation: The total number of pages that have had at least one violation instance of the Best Practice.
    • Violation Count: The total number of times the Best Practice violation was found during testing.
    • Top Traffic Percent: The percentage of all violations from the total violation count that were encountered on one of the top 10 most visited URLs.
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