Risk Score Calculation

The Risk Score in ACCESS Analytics is meant to highlight the level of risk associated with a monitored domain, or a page or other component of that monitored domain. Note that this score is not the same as the Compliance Score in AMP, and the two scores should be used independently toward the same goal.

In Access Analytics, the Risk Score is calculated as follows:

  1. First, it identifies the severity (s) and noticeability (n) scores for the Best Practice associated with each violation instance found in testing during the selected testing period.
  2. Second, the page rank (R = (RANK(ORDER BY total_page_visits ASC))/Total_Pages_Tested) for the page on which each violation instance is found.
  3. The risk score is then calculated as follows for each violation instance:
    violation_risk_score = AVERAGE (S*(N*R)).
  4. The total risk score for the domain is calculated as:
    Total Risk Score = AVERAGE (violation_risk_score).
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