Manual Testing in Access Assistant

NOTE to Assistive Technology Users: Access Assistant can be opened with the hotkey combination Ctr+Shift+Space.

Performing Manual Testing

Manual Testing can be performed in Access Assistant to allow users to test pages and components in context. When performing manual testing, users select a Best Practice to test against and add violation instances as they are found.

To perform manual testing:

  1. In the toolbar, navigate to the report where manual testing results should be displayed.
  2. Open a module in the report.
  3. Select the "Manual Testing" button.
  4. In the Manual Testing screen, select the Best Practice to test against. This will open the manual testing instructions.
  5. Evaluate the webpage or component against the manual testing steps. If a violation is found, add an instance following the instructions below.

Adding a Violation Instance

To add an instance of a violation:

  1. On the Best Practice's manual testing steps screen, select the "Add Instance" button.
  2. Select the Inspect button to select the component that has the violation.
  3. Mouse Users:
    1. After selecting the Inspect button, navigate to the main testing window.
    2. In the main testing window, click on the component that is in violation.
    3. In the subsequent screen, confirm the node selection OR refine the selection by selecting the appropriate node in the window.
  4. Keyboard-only Users: After selecting the Inspect button, scroll through the source code on the subsequent screen and select the opening tag for the component. 
  5. Enter details about the instance in the Note field.


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