User Management

AMP Administrators have the ability to set passwords, send password reset links, edit user details, as well as some other functions.  You can carry out all of these tasks at a given user's 'View User' page.  You can find this page by navigating to the 'Administration' tab in AMP and selecting the hyperlink for the user's name on that page.  Once in the page, the 'Quick Links' menu will provide you with access to alter user information and manage them. 

Edit User

The 'Edit User' function allows you to change the contact information for the user, change the user's user type, as well as the email address they are mapped to.  Just choose the 'Edit User' link, change the chosen information, and select 'make it happen' to alter a user's information.  You can change users' user types to 'Viewer', 'Evaluator', 'Standard User', or 'Organization Administrator'.  Any user who doesn't already have a license will continue to only have the privileges of a Viewer user unless a license is added, despite changing their type to a higher permission level.  Only 'System Administrators' can add user licenses.

Move User

The 'Move User' link allows you to move the user from one Organization to another.  You can only move user's to Organizations that you have access to.  This includes any Organizations that are not your primary Organization that you are a part of, as well as any Child Organizations that you are a part of because you are a member of their Parent Organization.

Delete User

The 'Delete User' function allows you to remove a user and transfer ownership of that user's reports and projects to another user.

Reset Password

The 'Reset Password' option will send a password reset link to the user's email address on file.  Following the link will allow the user to pick their password and then log in. 

Set Password

The 'Set Password' option allows you to choose the password you would like the user to have as opposed to sending them an email link.

Transaction Log

The 'Transaction Log' shows login information for the user over time, the date and time the user was created, as well as any times the user's password has been set/reset, or the user's information had been changed.


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